Blue refers to the Blue bee color found in the game Bee Swarm. This is considered the opposite of Red, and are common rivals. There are various perks that Blue has over Red.

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In the game, there are select types of bees that are blessed with the color. These are Cool, Bumble, Frosty, Bubble, Bucko, Diamond, Ninja, Vicious, Cobalt and Tadpole Bee. Blue bees often like the treat, Blueberries, and benefit from collecting Blue pollen.

A talking Gifted Bucko Bee is the leader of the Blue bees, and resides in the Blue HQ. He has a higher intellect and more composure than the Red leader, and is always pushing forward.

Blue is encompasses Moon Charms, Micro-Converters, and Glitter. These materials are generally better than Red materials, not including Stingers, the only reason to favor Red. Micro-Converters are a counterpart to Field Dice, and are more far superior and versatile.

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  • Blue is better than Red in every aspect other than attacking, which Red excels at.
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